Grafitack - Graficast - Grafiprint - GrafiWrap

Grafityp have 3 coating lines, a casting line and a cast extruder at their disposal for producing the self adhesive Grafitack, Graficast, Grafiprint and GrafiWrap products. The calendered self adhesive films are provided with the right water- or solvent based adhesive on our coating lines. One of these coating lines is also used for applying the high quality print coating, which we developed in-house. This print coating comes, among others, on the Grafiprint photographic papers and canvas materials.

Grafityp have their own casting line for producing the cast Graficast and Grafiprint films. A liquid paste is composed in our mixing chamber, which is applied on a special casting paper. After drying in the ovens, this paste becomes a high quality cast film. Finally, GEF (Grafityp Ecological Film) laminates, print- and sign making films are produced on a huge cast extruder, making it possible to produce rolls in a maximum width of 3 metres.