EUROFINS, an independent research institute with its head office in Denmark and with over 200 laboratories worldwide, is the world's number one in environmental research.

For the graphic sector Eurofins checks the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), i.e. the amount of solvents that are released in the air when unprinted and printed print media are used indoors. Materials that pass the very strict VOC tests, are awarded the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort (IAC) certificate.

Graftyp recently had two of their PVC-free products tested by Eurofins :

      1. Colibri GEF-ES unprinted
      2. Colibri GEF-ES printed with Mutoh UMS ink

All products passed the tests with flying colours. GEF-ES (unprinted as well as printed with Mutoh UMS inks) were awarded the Eurofins IAC certificate.

These certificates also indicate that our PVC-free Colibri media meet the very strict international BREEAM standards, and are approved under the German and French legislation.