• GEF-01
  • GEF-02
  • GEF-03
  • GEF-04
  • GEF-05
  • GEF-06


  • 70 µ soft ecological film, free of chlorine and plasticizers
  • Fire retardant
  • Available in matt and glossy
  • Outdoor life span 4 to 5 years
  • Widths: 610mm, 1220mm
  • References GEF01 and GEFM01 come with a coloured silicone layer on the release liner, to make peeling easier


Data sheet GEF series matt (pdf)
Data sheet GEF series glossy (pdf)
Colour chart glossy September 2014 (jpg)
Colour chart matt September 2014 (jpg)
Fire certificate November 2010 (pdf)
German B1 Fire certificate September 2014 (pdf)
ECO certificate November 2010 (pdf)
General Brochure (UK)